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 Interview: Luxury At-Home Beauty Treatments with Beauty Expert Jenn Falik

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PostSubject: Interview: Luxury At-Home Beauty Treatments with Beauty Expert Jenn Falik   Sat Oct 22, 2011 8:01 am

Earlier this week I was joined by Beauty expert and frequent television contributor Jenn Falik who stopped by to share the latest and greatest FDA approved and awarded winning skin tools on the market for at-home use!

Candace: What's the latest buzz in at-home beauty?

Jenn Falik: "At-home beauty- we're seeing a lot of breakthroughs this fall. Breakthroughs that are going to help you be fiscally responsiblewholesale jerseys in the long run because they replace things that you used to have to go to a derms office or a spa or an esthetician for.

In the anti-aging category especially, there's some great ways to save big. Palovia is new, it's the first and only FDA cleared at-home laser. It targets fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area which I think for most of us is the first signs of aging that you're typically seeing is in the delicate eye area. It's the same technology you've gottenatlanta braves jerseys in a doctors office but it's adapted for at-home use. So it's easy to use- you take the gadget out of the box and you can figure out what you're supposed to be doing with which is key to getting results, being able to use a product always helps. And they did studies- 92% of participants saw that they had visible improvements in one month. Allure even gave it their Best in Beauty award in the Breakthrough product category. So we know that Allure Best in Beauty awards is like the Oscars of beauty and best breakthrough product is sort of like winning best picture. So it's a huge honor for the Palovia laser.

And Olay has a big breakthrough innovation that's going to save you a lot of money in the long run on facial hair removal if maybe you get waxed ocheap mlb jerseysr you use laser or light technology at the derms office. they've got the Smooth Finish facial hair removal. It's a two step system- first you put on a balm that coats the skin to minimize the irritation and redness, it really protects your skin; and then the cream is water based, it has a fresh light lemony scent, so revolutionizing the process of at-home hair removal for the face because it is something in the past that could be really irritating, the cream smelled really terrible; it's not pleasant, waxing can irritate. Lucky magazine said that 'this is just the most genius invention ever', they love it in the October issue and it's $25 at the drugstore so it's very well priced."

Candace: How cost effective is the jerseys wholesale Palovia laser you mentioned?

JF: "The laser is a little under $500 and you'll be able to use the same laser for the length of your treatment, so the upkeep cost is built into what you're paying when you buy the product as opposed to with a dermatologist office. And treatments, sometimes you'll go in and you spend x amount of dollars on your first treatment but then the upkeep; you've got to go every six to eight weeks. So $500 one time for the length of all the treatments that you need is a really nice way to save money in the long run."

Candace: Do you have any additional beauty tips or information you'd like to share?

JF: "Something else that I always recommend women do is invest in a skin care routine that you love doing because you need to love it to cheap jerseysbe loyal to doing it twice a day, even if it's a matter of having products that are packaged beautifully, so they're on your skin so you look at them and you remember to use them as often as you're supposed to. I think that's an important tip that people forget about or they kind of push to the wayside. But if you love your products you're going to use them. If you use them you're going to get results. Also, for quick, cheap exfoliation take a nubby washcloth, soak it in some hot water- small circles from one side of your face to the other and there you go, you've gotten rid of dead skin and boosted circulation."

Candace: Where can we go for more information?
JF: "For more information you can go to Palovia.com, they also have before and after pictures on there which I love because I like to see things to believe them. And you can check out TruthOrHair.com where you can find out all the facts and fiction behind hair removal myths and you can also get more info on the Olay product."
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PostSubject: စမ္းသပ္သုံးစြဲေနဆဲပါ   Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:38 am

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Interview: Luxury At-Home Beauty Treatments with Beauty Expert Jenn Falik

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